Papel Picado: Mexican Bunting

Papel Picado is the typical party decoration of Mexico! We hang these hand cut banners on every special occasion: from a small town country fair, to weddings, birthdays, Independence Day, Day of the Dead... or just for fun. these banners will give great authenticity to any Mexican themed party or event.

Available in paper or plastic. The paper versions are really lovely to look at however only suitable for indoor use, being quite delicate. The plastic versions, used more widely in Mexico, are very hardy, suitable for outdoor use and can be reused again and again.

Each banner has 8 flags of: 45 cm x 32 cm each

Total length: 5m

We support Mexican artisans

At Colours of Mexico we are committed to supporting small artisans. With the purchase of this banner you can be assured that the artisan who made this banner was fairly compensated for his work (he is also really excited that his papel picado is being sold on the other side of the world!)

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