Tagua Jewellery

Jewelry that is good for the planet!

Tagua is also known as Palm Ivory. It has been used for the production of quality jewellery since the 19th Century.

The Tagua Palm grows naturally in Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. Tagua once dried is extremely hard and for years has been likened to Elephant Ivory for both: its colour and texture. The production of "Palm" or "Vegetable" Ivory continues to take some pressure of the poaching of animal ivory.

Tagua nuts are harvested from the forest floor after falling from the Tagua Palm and left to dry for months before being worked into beautiful jewelry.

The growth of Tagua nut industry is providing an economic value to the forest and assisting greatly in reducing deforestation for cash crops such as bananas and coffee. Small scale artisan production of Tagua items provides work opportunities for indigenous groups and allows the continuation of traditional lifestyle that can be supported by a sustainable and viable income source.