Mexican Sombrero Mariachi Pink and Silver


These genuine Mexican sombreros are beautifully made and hand stitched. This hat is in an eye catching pink velvet with white sections and silver trim and sequins sown in.

The hat comes with a chin strap in matching silver cord and is ideal to wear or hang on a wall as a decoration, the quality of these sombreros is amazing and the detail is stunning.This is what is graded as an "Extra Fancy" sombrero with more decoration than some cheaper sombreros, this is a top quality handmade product.

The sombrero features the traditional flare that should be worn to the back and is 100% authentic. This is what Mariachis and Charros wear when performing in Mexico.

Depth: Approx.50cms

Width: Approx. 58cms

Weight; Approx 720 grams

Due to the nature of manufacture some very slight variations may occur.